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Tiny home vacation rental

Tiny home vacation rental in Grenada

August 9, 2018 by admin

What is a Tiny House? While there is no official definition of a tiny house, it is generally thought of as a small house, typically sized under 600 square feet. While they can be built on foundations, most tiny homes are built on trailers. This style of tiny house is often referred to as a THOW (tiny house on wheels).

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While there’s no shortage of sophisticated and well-designed mini-guesthouses, there are many tiny homes and hotels that have come up all around the world.

In fact, everything from the building of the tiny home to living in it is an environmentally friendly experience that allows you to enjoy a guilt-free vacation trip. But, what makes these tiny house rentals an environmentalist’s dream is the fact that they require fewer materials to build, and you don’t need to use as much electricity when staying in one.

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Besides being cute, tiny homes have several factors that make them a desirable vacation option.

For one, these modest homes are an eco-friendly and sustainable way to experience nature. Secondly, normal luxurious comforts like a hot shower need not be sacrificed when renting a tiny home. The natural lighting creates a romantic ambiance that allows you to enjoy your creature comforts in style. But, what makes tiny homes unique in this regard is the fact that all of the necessities that we take for granted are made available in an understated manner. You’ll barely remember your massive kitchen back home while staying in your tiny house vacation rental.

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There are tiny homes and hotels in almost every place that you can think of, so choosing your tiny house vacation rental doesn’t need to be difficult.

Tiny houses are ideal vacation homes despite averaging a mere 100 square feet in size. If you’re looking for unique eco-friendly accommodation for your next vacation, consider Grenada Vacation Rentals’ popular tiny house rental options.