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Things to do vacating in St. George’s

by Grenada travel experts
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April 20, 2015

Things to do vacationing in St. George’s

The ‘Spice Isle’ of Grenada is famous for its tranquil pace of life. You can either take it easy or get out and about and explore the island. Discover the wildlife of Grand Etang Park, and get up close with armadillos, exotic birds, and monkeys or hike to Mt Carmel Waterfall. Then try a few local brews at the West Indian Beer Company or a glass of rum at Clark’s Court Rum Distillery. You can learn about the history of the island at the Grenada National Museum or tour nearby historical sites like Fort George and Fort Frederick. For a day trip, discover the underwater sculptures at Molinere Bay and then visit Belmont Estate to sample rich, locally made chocolate. Add these exciting destinations to your itinerary:

St. George's, GD
9:26 pm, May 28

Grand Etang National Park

Rising high above the beaches, the rainforest of Grand Etang National Park lets hikers wander through the crater of an extinct volcano, which now serves as a vibrant wildlife sanctuary filled with ferns, tropical blooms, and other indigenous plants.

Grenada National Museum

History buffs can spend hours browsing through the artifacts and exhibits at this museum, which highlights the area’s fishing industry, plantation economy, and first inhabitants.

Grand Anse Beach

Explore Grenada’s most popular beach and fill your day with leisure activities like sunbathing, water-skiing, scuba diving, and kayaking.

Fort George

Hike to the summit of this 18th-century French fortress for breathtaking views of the harbor and the city.

Native Spirit Scuba

Make the most of your island visit by taking a scuba-diving excursion among more than 50 wrecks, reefs, and natural formations.

Fort Frederick

If you love delving into history, don’t miss an opportunity to tour the grounds of this French-built fort located on top of a hill with sweeping views of the island and the ocean.

Facts about Grenada West Indies

  • Grenada is a small Caribbean country, made up of 7 islands, strung across the southern Caribbean Sea
  • Like all tropical places, Grenada is home to mosquitoes. We recommend taking insect repellent.
  • It’s perfectly safe to drink the tap water on the island
  • Medical treatment in Grenada can be expensive so make sure you have travel health insurance
  • Cars drive on the left-hand side of the road,  like in the UK
  • Hiring a car and driving around the island is a great way to tour Grenada
  • Grenada is known for its amazing wildlife, with nesting sea turtles and flocks of exotic birds
  • Grenada is also the name of the main island, where the majority of people live and where all the hotels and Airbnbs are.
  • The landscape is mountainous, with rainforests, waterfalls, and secluded coastal bays
  • The dry season in Grenada runs from January to May
  • Carnivals and festivals are part of Grenada life, including the Spicemas Carnival and the Grenada Chocolate Festival
  • Enjoy the many sailing events across the beginning of the year, including ‘Spice it up’ Grenada Sailing Week and the Grenada Sailing Festival Work Boat Regatta
  • Catch a glimpse of nesting sea turtles, from March until April
  • There are no direct flights from the UK to Grenada, but there are options to fly from London Gatwick on Virgin Atlantic, with a 1-hour stopover in St. Lucia (you don’t need to depart the plane)
  • Most hotels and Airbnb’s offer WiFi but expect a slower speed than at home
  • You don’t need a visa to visit Grenada if you’re a British national
  • You can spend either the US dollar or the Eastern Caribbean dollar
  • Electricity is 220 volts, with British-style three-pin sockets
  • American Airlines has a daily non-stop service from Miami. Delta offers a weekly non-stop service from Atlanta. JetBlue operates a daily non-stop service from JFK, New York. Caribbean Airlines flies from Toronto connecting through Trinidad.
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