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April 21, 2015

How to Pack for Your Grenadian Vacation

Packing for your vacation to Grenada is a lot like packing for any other tropical destination: bringing protection from the sun and heat is key. But you also need to be prepared for the unexpected — and to work, play and party!

  1. Within reason, pack light. The less you pack, the less you have to carry. Most clothes appropriate for the Caribbean are lightweight and can be worn more than once on a trip.
  2. Make sure you have your travel documents in order and secure them in a safe but accessible place. This includes a valid passport, driver’s license, airline tickets, and/or boarding passes.  Also, be sure to pack copies of prescriptions for medications, which should be carried in their original containers.
  3. Bring a small backpack or cloth bag along to throw your stuff in when you head to the beach or off on an excursion. Drawstring bags are a particularly favorable option.
  4. Wheeled luggage is best since some Caribbean airports require you to deplane on the tarmac, while others feature long walks from the gate to ground transportation. Grenada is a rugged mountainous island. Its roads are winding, hilly, but that is just about any Caribbean Island., meaning a hike to your room if you’re too impatient to wait for a porter.
  5. Leave home what the hotel provides: this almost always means soap, shampoo, and hair dryers, and usually towels for the room and beach.
  6. For women: Different islands have different customs and mores: Capri pants are a cool compromise between shorts and slacks. Bring at least one nice dress for the evening. Leave expensive jewelry home, or use the in-room safe, when not wearing; there’s no sense in tempting thieves.
  7. For men: Pack some collared golf shirts, preferably in light colors with simple patterns. You can wear them anywhere day or night, even under a light suit jacket for a fancy dinner.
  8. In your toiletry bag, besides the usual toothbrushes, razors, deodorant, and feminine items don’t forget to pack lip balm (hot sun equals chapped lips), bug spray (Grenada is known for mosquitoes), and baby powder or Desitin.
  9. For the beach, pack at least two swimsuits, multiple pairs of UV-rated sunglasses, waterproof sunscreen (SPF 30), a brimmed hat (to protect your head, face, neck, and ears from the sun), and a sarong or wrap. You should also bring some aloe vera to soothe an inevitable sunburn.
  10. Pack tennis shoes, flip-flops or sandals, water shoes, and at least one pair of dressy shoes for evenings.
  11. Pack a camera in your carry-on or checked luggage; if the latter, use a protective case or use your clothes to cushion the camera for travel. Bring plenty of digital media from home; these can be expensive in Grenada.
  12. Make sure to leave some space for those souvenirs and gifts. Better to under pack a bigger suitcase than to have to lug an unwieldy shopping bag through the airport.

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