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Dorm Vacation Rentals

Dorm Vacation Rental

October 5, 2020 by admin

Your family’s quest for an affordable vacation in Grenada has already seen you use points for a traditional hotel, stay in an Airbnb, or split a Vacation house rental. Why not try a dorm room style vacation rental next?

That’s right. Whether or not you have fond memories of your time living in a college dorm, you might be skeptical of booking one for your next family getaway. But, staying in a dormitory can be a smart — and wallet-friendly — alternative to a hotel when you are traveling with family on a tight budget during the summer.

Nightly dorm room rates can vary, sometimes less than $55/night for a simple single room, which might not have a private bathroom, or up to $85 or more for accommodations for several people staying together in a suite setting. Many dorms throw in free Wi-Fi in the nightly price while others offer low-cost meals.

Dormitory style accommodations are popular overseas and in Canada, but much less so in the United States. Although there are no concrete estimates of just how many families make use of dormitory-style bookings for their vacations, it may be an intriguing option for your family — depending on when and where you’re traveling.